USGI 6" Gas Trap

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Includes Mounting Bracket (#8464) - Second Picture

Jack & Post Sold Separately (#8410 & #8404) 

The USGI 6” Mud logging gas trap agitator is fabricated entirely of stainless steel in Colorado. The gas trap and agitator is designed to be less sensitive to fluid level fluctuations, and is ventilated to help prevent mud being sucked into the sample line. It comes equipped with the USGI universal mounting bracket for mounting on the Ratcliff style Trap Jack, or on a post-type Trap Jack. The impeller shaft is designed to accept either the USGI stainless steel mixer impeller blades, or by request, the Ratcliff polypropylene flexible shaft fingers. The USGI 6” mudloggers gas trap comes with a Marathon ¼ HP motor with a ½” shaft and a 50 foot cord. This has become the standard go-to mud logging gas trap for many mud logging services companies in the Rockies and throughout the USA. Made in the USA by mudloggers!

If you think servicing a mud logging gas trap is a pain, check out the BV Day Tripper - a contraption designed by one of our very own. He knows what its like to service a gas trap when you've got so many other things to service. This is seriously a mudloggers best friend. Makes the trip up to the possum belly to service the gas trap just a breeze, letting the Mud Logger focus on the important tasks.

NOTE: Because of the conditions at the possum belly, there is no warranty on the motor. But realistically if you take proper care of the mud logging gas trap, it will last for quite some time.

Mud Logging Gas Trap Agitator Specifications:

Diameter 6" OD
Motor 1/4 HP, 115 volt,
Electric Cord 50 ft 16-3 SO
Manufactured Made in the USA
Certifications UL Listed Class 1 Div 1 motor, OSHA approved