Mudgas Tube - Box of 25 @ $55.00 each

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Introducing the Mudgas Tube™. Designed specifically for collection of mudgases intended for subsequent chemical and isotopic analysis. Now you can SEE what is inside (or rather. . . what's not). These new, transparent, mudgas sampling containers will allow the user to identify contamination  before problems arise. (water, mud, etc.)

Mudgas isotope data comparison

  $55.00 each sold in quantities of 25 

 Additional features include. . .

Backward compatibility: utilizes existing equipment/mudgas manifolds

No major procedural changes: no new training!

No new materials: same materials as utilized in other mud-logging containers

Optimized for use in the laboratoryautosampler compatible = higher throughput

Nearly all volume is extractableno need to crush tubes in the lab! (via water displacement)

No water interactions: no hydrogen generation

No new shipping hurdles: UN2037 restrictions apply

Transparent: easily identify contamination/mud/water

Extremely durable: manufactured from robust materials

Compact packaging: 25 containers per box in a compact design, saves space on-rig

♻ 100% Recyclable