Continuous Methane Air Monitor - TerraAir

Continuous Methane Air Monitor - TerraAir

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TerraAir is an online continuous hydrocarbon emissions monitoring solution providing emissions air monitoring of Methane and Total VOC's.  TerraAir can also monitor many other environmental factors like carbon dioxide or ozone gases.  TerraAir is a native IoT device producing continuous, reliable, outdoor air emissions monitoring.  TerraAir can be placed in nearly any location providing cloud based.  Using particulate, methane and VOC sensors coupled with onboard environmental sensors, multiple units can be placed around a location to provide accurate and continuous readings of current air quality and emissions.

TerraAir uses AWS IoT Core to deliver data directly to the cloud.  Once you have the data delivered to the cloud, you can leverage the power of ML analytics to monitor and alert based on your own conditions.  Calculations around volumetric emissions are easily performed when combined with wind speed and direction.

Data modeling.  Using industry standard modeling like Arolytics or others that have partnered with MiQ an independent not-for-profit created to facilitate a rapid reduction in methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. 

Connectivity solved.  We use the world's first eSIM provided by Teal Communications giving you access to 3500+ cellular networks worldwide.  One year connectivity and cloud time series data is stored using AWS Timestream if you choose the Global LTE option.

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