Triple Beam Balance

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Triple Beam Balance, Ohaus. Stainless steel pan. Capacity 610 grams. Readability .1 grams.

Graduated beams with high contrast markings are easy to read. Models with a tare beam allow containers up to 225g to be balanced out. Choice of four weighing platforms: stainless steel pan, polypropylene scoop, stainless steel plate, or aluminum animal container. Effective magnetic damping coupled with appropriate beam capacity (610g) reduces oscillation. Balances feature easy zero adjustment, nonrusting stainless steel bearing covers and platforms, and a precision tamper-resistant poise. Dial-O-Gram* models utilize a vernier dial for direct-reading calibration. Shipped fully assembled and ready to use. The 610g capacity is expandable to 2610g with optional mass set. Set consists of two 1000g weights and one 500g weight with a recessed pivot to prohibit slippage.